Bats Transit System

The BATS bus is available to anyone regardless of age. BATS Transit has the same operating hours as Buffalo Senior Center.

Two of the buses are wheelchair equipped. Rides are $1 one-way within the city limits of Buffalo and $2 one-way up to five miles out of town.

All dogs, cats and other pets MUST BE in an animal carrier crate to ride on the buses. The ONLY exceptions are service animals.

Reserve your spot!

Open spots fill up quick. To reserve a space on the Sheridan and Gillette trips you must call the Buffalo Senior Center 1 day in advance prior to the trip. You can call them at (307)-684-9551.


  • $1 one-way within city limits (Buffalo)
  • $2 one-way, up to 5 miles out of town. (Buffalo)
  • $10 round-trip to Sheridan (See Schedule Below)
  • $15 round-trip to Gillette (See Schedule Below)

Buffalo Schedule

  • Monday - Friday
    8AM - 4:45PM
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday
    8:30AM - 1:45PM

Sheridan Schedule

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Leaves 7:30AM - Returns 2PM

Casper Schedule

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday of each month
    Leave 7:30AM - Arrive in Buffalo 3:00PM